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A Red Hat introduction. Recently (this May) I’ve passed the LFCS exam with the help of my friends of Linux Academy and switched jobs at the beginning of this month to a super professional Linux company. This spices things up a lot.

At my former company, the choice of poison were Debian based distributions (Debian and Ubuntu actually). Therefore I also did the LFCS exam on Ubuntu 18.04. Now at this new company, we’re working with Enterprise Linux most of the time. In comes CentOS, SUSE and Red Hat.

And for me personally: RHCSA and RHCE certifications.

It’s crazy really, but it is expected that I’ll study for and pass the RHCSA and RHCE exams within 2 months… At a distance, this seems outrageous to me. Especially RHCE is next level in contrast to what I’ve been doing up till this point. But the idea is, that since I’ve passed the LFCS recently, RHCSA should be pretty easy. We’ll see.

All things considering, I’m very exited to study and blog about it. Red Hat is awesome and I’ll also be going back to where my adventure started over 2 years ago: CentOS.

Well anyway, I’ll be posting a lot of enterprise linux stuff and probably CentOS most often since this is the easiest to do without a Red Hat subscription and should be 1 on 1 compatible with each other. So just a short introduction here.

Let’s get going!

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