Short update on the 2019 plan


Short update post about a lot that has been going on and has or is about to change. This will affect the posts on so that’s the reason I’m updating you.

These changes will most probably affect the post frequency and will for sure affect the post quality.

Frequency because after marrying, we’re moving this month to another city and will be freaking busy doing so. So might miss a post here and there.

Quality because I’m switching jobs.

I love my current employer but after a year I have to conclude we’re not fully compatible. Working here is super chill and you can pretty much do what you’d like technically, but projects just take too long for my taste and it isn’t getting better. Now in addition to that, I’m waiting on answers to very basic questions, for 2 – 3 weeks regularly. No, I can’t handle this.

So then when a recruiter contacts you with a pretty sweet offer, a choice can be easily made.

I’ll be starting at my new employer June 3rd and together we’ve already established a plan for 2019:

  • With self study I’ll be taking the LFCS exam before June 3rd
  • Then I’ll work hard to get my RHCSA certification ASAP
  • October there will be a Docker training and certification
  • December I’m scheduled for an Ansible training and certification

At the new employer I’ll be placed at different assignments and companies and in this way I’m hoping for more diversity and in depth knowledge on various Linux related subjects. This will be reflected in my posts, in a positive way, for sure.

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