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For a new project, I’m looking for a Linux open source ticket system. It’s main purpose is for support tickets, but it would be awesome if it could handle ‘normal’ customer conversation as well in an efficient and nice way.

I remember I’ve looked for this a couple of times already in the past and did not succeed to find something that met my needs. So first, lets have a look what I’m looking for exactly.

Things I would like to see in my support ticket system:

  1. First of all, it has to be easy for the customer. Most obvious would be that the customer can email to and it is being picked up by the system
  2. Customers receive automatic updates when their support ticket was received, assigned, handled, etc.
  3. Its very small scale, for a startup, so it would preferably be free or cheap. It doesn’t have to be multi-agent
  4. I can run it somewhere in the cloud or on a VPS and I would probably prefer the latter, because… (see next point)
  5. Branding and at least putting the system on my own domain name would be awesome
  6. It would be great if the system, reachable for the customer as well, would have a nice look and feel to it. It is 2019 after all
  7. An app is not something that is absolutely necessary, but it should at least be responsive

That’s quite a list huh? Well, I understand this would be hard to find in a free or cheap open source solution, so some things are more important than other.

There are A LOT of tools out there and I just might have looked at all of them. Let me name a couple:

  • Zendesk. One of the first I thought of. Way too commercial for my taste though
  • Freshdesk. Looks nice but a bit bloated. A bit too expensive when I want it on my own domain. Also, only cloud hosting
  • Helpy. The free version doesn’t have it own domain. The open source version that I can install on a VPS, seems a bit ‘too much’
  • Liveagent. Certainly not too expensive, but have to run it on a domain, which I don’t like
  • C-Desk. Was mentioned a couple of times. Seems bloated and outdated though. They don’t have SSL on their own site
  • OTRS. Seems like a complete package, but not so much on the eye candy. It just looks a bit ‘meh’
  • osTicket. Same as above actually, hard working people that delivered nice software for free, but the design looks off

I was actually pretty far at working on getting up and running, when I found the system that seems to be the winner for me:

  • Zammad. Self hosted, own domain, branding, free, pretty on the eyes. This seems, at first glance, to at least cover most of my needs

Where all of the above where somewhat familiar to me, I had never heard of Zammad before. Tune in next week where I install it on my VPS and cover more about it.

Also, I won’t deviate from the plan too much, but we need variation dammit!

Update: check the zammad installation here.

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