The plan for 2019


Yes! The plan for 2019 looks much clearer since my concluding post of 2018. I gave things some serious thoughts and came up with a neat little plan for 2019.

As far as the blog is concerned, its’s simple. I’m doing a post every Saturday. Period. I’m not doing this blog to get a lot of visitors, hence I don’t need a post every day or every other day. I’m making the posts because I like them, it helps me develop my knowledge and hope others can benefit from it.

I’m also still searching for a nice theme. In december WordPress (which this blog is running on) decided to upgrade itself to version 5 which gave me a lot of head ache and destroyed the theme. For now I’ve switched to a much simpler theme that does the job, but I like it just a little bit more stylish than this.

As far as technical contents goes, I’ll be running the same course as from the start: Linux in the first place and different security and tech second. Also more subjects I come across at my job, like Ansible, developer related stuff and maybe AWS.

Finally: studying. Last year, for my job I studied and got 2 certification for AWS. This took a lot of time and effort and we do not have the customers for it to keep this knowledge alive. Plus I didn’t like it that much. I told management that I will freeze my AWS efforts for the time being and will focus on Linux again.

For the short therm this is more scripting related studying so expect some scripting based posts in the near future!

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