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blogWhen I started this blog in February 2017 the plan was to post every 3 days and with a short break now and then, I’ve succeeded. But now, these last couple of months, I’ve found it hard to fill these pages with new content. So, what’s the deal?

In 2017 I was a Linux rookie and every little bit was new knowledge to me and a reason to make a blog post. Naturally the consequence was that I had enough material for my posts, but the technical content was relatively low.

In the mean time, I’ve succeeded getting a lot of certifications and a Linux System Administrator job in December 2017, and therefore a lot of practical knowledge. This is great, but a little bit less great for the post frequency.

I’m of course still far, far away of having the technical knowledge of a senior Linux engineer but the knowledge I have now is incomparable with the knowledge I had in Q1 of 2017. The job helped a lot and I’m learning every day. And let’s not forget the certifications since 2017 (most recent on top):

All in all, career and knowledge wise, only good news, but getting posts in is a bit more difficult since they are getting more technical every day (and therefore take way more time to setup).

So, searching a bit how to fill in the gaps on my blog!

Update: lol even macOS in the mix.

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