Linux security system scans

scansRoaming around the internet you’ll discover A LOT of systems and services that can check your systems for security holes and improvements. These scans can help you a lot by giving you more insight in your security. I’ve already mentioned some before, but always keep searching for alternatives.

In the last couple of months I’ve used a lot of these scans and discovered there are a couple I always use. Although this isn’t is definitely the only correct one, I’m sure it can get you started and decided to share ‘my’ scans with you.

So here’s my list. I think the first 2 are absolutely mandatory for every system you get your hands on.

  1. A OpenVAS scan. Install an appliance via
  2. Scan with Lynis. More info at
  3. Check your SSL configuration at
  4. Check your SSL configuration on a specific port at
  5. Improve your SSL configuration at
  6. Check your security headers at

Hackers never sleep!

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