Update and changes

Finally an update. After a break, I’m back, with probably some structural changes.update

February 2017 this blog started. Working in Apple related IT for 20 years, nearly dying in 2016 and recuperating in 2017, I decided to start a new adventure: Linux. Beginning with some basics in the form of CompTIA certifications, I signed up with Pluralsight and now Linuxacademy and certified in Linux essentials and got my LPIC-1.

December 2017 I got my first Linux job and the real fun began: real life practical knowledge. I’ve really jumped ahead since the job and a lot of posts I made before, made me chuckle a bit. It’s not wrong per se, but could be better.

For the near future there are a couple of plans:

  • Rewrite some basics
  • Make shorter posts
  • But since posts get complicated more and more, larger subjects will be divided in more posts
  • Get some AWS in there, since these are some certifications I must acquire for the job

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