Certification path for 2018

certificationFollowing my last post: what to do with certifications in 2018? What certification path to take? I’m still undecided to which route to go. But I have some thoughts.

Last year has been absolutely ridiculous with certifications. I studied for and passed the exams for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, LPI Linux Essentials, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+ and the LPI LPIC-1 Linux Administrator. Not too shabby.

That being said: I had a lot of time on my hands because of me almost dying in 2016 and having no job in 2017. Now that I do have a job, time for studying and certifying is limited. What do I have my eyes on?

Certification path

I believe that from here there are 3 valid roads to take (unfortunately they are not Debian specific):

  1. The Linux Foundation LFCS and LFCE. Vendor neutral and performance based. But is it generally accepted as a good certification to have?
  2. LPI LPIC series. With the LPIC-1 in the bag, the performance based LPIC-2 and later 3 and 4 might be the most logical followup. But is it?
  3. The Red Hat RHCSA certification. I believe this is the most prestigious certification to get. Probably a bit too difficult at this stage?

I really do not know at this moment what path to take. I guess I’ll have to decide later.

UPDATE: I just saw a certification that might be most valuable for the new job: the LPIC-OT 701: DevOps Tools Engineer. It seems pretty new and I’ve checked the training sites: nothing to be found yet regarding this exam…

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  1. I’m so glad to have fond this site. Reading this post has reinvigorated my drive to study and pass one of the aforementioned certs (Comptia Linux +) and also finish CCENT/CCNA.

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