Learning path for 2018

learningOK so big shift from CentOS to Debian coming up. What about knowledge? What will be my learning path for 2018?

Last year I had the time to study a lot and I did. From almost zero Linux knowledge I’ve been learning a lot and I’m now installing Linux servers and services, maintaining a couple of Linux servers and the numbers will be growing every week. But with a brand new job time is limited and I have to study smarter. The big plus study-wise is of course the heap of practical knowledge I will be harvesting while working.

All this time I’ve been with Pluralsight and was very happy with them. At the time the price was one of the main considerations why I choose them since I was paying for everything on my own. But now that I’m advancing in my Linux career I find that the intermediate material is drying up a bit and I’ve ended my subscription.

Learning and studying. Now what?

Money is now a bit less of an object and like I did at the time I had a look at a couple of online training platforms. There’s a lot of them and a lot resemble Pluralsight to a large extend as well. One example: CBT Nuggets, that is a lot more expensive and has a lot of the same material Pluralsight has. So I’m not going for that one, or something similar.

What have I been looking at? A lot. Which remain? Three candidates I’m pondering about at the moment:

  1. Cybrary. The main attraction here is that it is free, but as said this is not the most important at the moment. It seems to have a strong community as well
  2. Udemy. Actually started out there a year ago. A lot of offerings, but a lot of garbage as well. I already bought a couple of courses that I did not follow back in the day
  3. Linux Academy. Can’t believe I missed this one before. Seems to have some strong offerings and a lot of possibilities

As it stands now, I think I’ll first have a good look at the courses I already own at Udemy and then take a subscription at the Linux Academy. One last important point: I want to get at least one or two significant Linux certifications this year… Still undecided which / what / when / where / etc.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Somewhat of a certification path

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