Connecting Linux, Zimbra and Thunderbird

thunderbirdThere are a couple of things that are on my TO DO list for ages. A domainname, hosting, etc. of a company I once owned has to be phased out, a lot of collaboration data has to be migrated to my VPS and I want to be undependable of tech giants like Google and Apple. But I need everything talking to each other and so far Thunderbird seems to be the spider in the web for this.

These things might seem unrelated but for me they are very tightly woven together. Today, as a first step, I’ve migrated my email, contacts, calendars and tasks from Google and Apple to my own VPS.

Also, be sure to check out this old post about transferring Thunderbird settings if you need it.

It was easier then I thought. I remember a while back I migrated all data to Google G Suite and it was a lot harder to make Thunderbird talk with Google. Therefore I had to leave some stuff with Apple iCloud and all my data was scattered around. Now I’m very determined to move all data to my own cloud and leave nothing with others. This is the first step, Dropbox to Owncloud (or something similar) is next.

Thunderbird and Zimbra

Anyway, it’s easy to make Thunderbird talk to Zimbra. You just need the right URLs to connect Thunderbird. Below they are, I hope you can figure out on your own how you can add accounts in Thunderbird…


Doesn’t need explanation. If you’re using the community edition of Zimbra (in contrast to the paid version with Exchange functionality), just make sure you’re adding your accounts as IMAP (and always use a valid certificate and SSL).


Add a network calendar and use this URL:


Add another network calendar but now add your task list with this URL:


Download cardbook and add your contacts with this URL:

That’s all. You can make as much calendars and task lists as you like and add them to Thunderbird with the appropriate URLs. I’ve also added all these services without a hitch to my iPhone and iPad.

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