New TO DO list

todoTo start off in a good way after a short break I’ve compiled a new TODO list for the server and website. I’m hoping I can do this all rather short term. After some random stuff, for instance here and here, I want to get a bit more organized.

In any case I am fully pumped again / still to do this. There is a lot of good stuff going on in my head, things I want to do, test, learn, break, repair again, you name it.

Me and TO DO lists have a rocky history. I often forget to put stuff on it, which makes it a bit hard to follow. But I must say, I had a couple of TO DO lists before on this blog and over here it really works as a stimulant.

So here it goes.


OK here we go, somewhat chronological I think:

  • Enable SELinux and check the firewall
  • Check and implement backups
  • Check and compile a list of “X stuff to do after your CentOS installation”
  • Hardening CentOS
  • Hardening Worpress
  • Re-evaluate WordPress theme and plugins
  • Implement and force https on the site
  • Redirect Zimbra admin in the correct way
  • Purchase a second domain
  • Enable email for the second domain
  • Enable the website for the second domain
  • Migrate all data to
  • Double-check backups
  • Phase out old domains and data

This should keep me going for a while… Updates will be posted of course!

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