Addendum OSI model / PDUs

osiI would  like to make a small addendum to my previous post about the OSI model and PDUs. What was named quickly in the Network+ videos was what protocols actually function on which layers, which I found interesting. So let me enrich you with a few examples!

To clarify a little bit, after mentioning the Network+ certification a couple of times now: I’m going to get this certification in preparation of my Linux certifications. Just like the A+ certification it is to re-establish a solid base for all new knowledge. I’m doing pretty good I must say and I’m still enjoying it all.

And like the A+, the Network+ is not that hard with almost 20 years of IT administration experience, but it will take a lot of your time! Anyway, the OSI model…

OSI model and protocols

7. Application layer – BitTorrent, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP

6. Presentation layer – TLS, AFP

5. Session layer – NetBIOS, NFS, PPTP, RPC, SMB, SSH

4. Transport layer –  BGP, FCP, iSCSI, TCP, UDP

3. Network layer – EIGRP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, IPSec, GRE

2. Data link layer – Ethernet, Frame relay, L2TP, STP, VTP

1. Physical layer – Modems, DSL, ISDN

They are just a few quick examples of the protocols I find interesting to know what is on which layer. One of my sources was Wikipedia.

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