Linux Essentials 010-150 Exam

examOMG I’m taking the Linux Essentials 010-150 exam tomorrow…! It’s so crazy always when I’m having an exam, I’m always nervous but often pass with some good grades. Let’s hope this is the case now as well.

Beginning this year I started out with this one. This was the planning so that means I’m right on track. I did the video course from Pluralsight and the instructor said that this course in combination with some common / general IT knowledge should be enough to take the exam.

I’m having the general IT knowledge with almost 20 years of experience in IT. but in another field. This whole Linux adventure is new to me and exciting.

Studying for the exam

At this very moment I’m learning / cramming at the general library in Rotterdam. To be precise:

  • I’m watching the video’s again. Taking some last notes. I’ve become a pretty big note taker
  • Studying my notes and trying stuff out on my Linux installation. Testing things as I go through the material
  • What I’m also searching for, is some practice exams. I haven’t found any yet, but I hope I will to get a feel

As a saide note: to get myself in a work flow again, I’ve decided to travel to the library on a daily basis. It’s a good change of scene and also healthy since I’m walking there every day. Both ways this takes me about an hour. That’s an hour of exercise that I normally won’t have.

Training site.

As discussed I’ve considered different training sites here. I did not do all kinds of free trials so I’m maybe slightly biased, but I’ve opted for Pluralsight. At CompTIA I saw it being recommended and the price tag is doable. It’s still a small investment, one that returns every month, but I’m willing to invest in this knowledge for sure.

UPDATE: I’ve made it! LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development in the pocket!

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