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certificationsOkay. Linux certifications. I want to get Linux certified. Last January I took an online Linux essentials training that I liked, but it is not from a specific path. I’ve already seen a few certifications but which is best? Which to choose?

I think training sites will help me because I haven’t been much of a reader lately, but what training site to use? Well, that is point 3 on the calender for today.

Huh, but what about point 1 and 2? These points are somewhat easier because they are in my TO DO list already: what TO DO with my server and which technologies still to look at (technologies I’ve come across a couple of times and that I had to look up what they did).


  1. Finalize WordPress on, choose the final theme for instance, choose links to essential websites, etc.
  2. Configure mail server to host my own mail
  3. Configure Owncloud server to phase out Dropbox
  4. Harden the server

TO DO technologies

  1. Puppet
  2. Cobbler
  3. SaltStack
  4. Icinga
  5. ClearOS
  6. FreeBSD


So there are a few certification paths to take

  1. CompTIA Linux+
  3. The Linux Foundation
  4. The Red Hat
  5. Different other vendor specific certifications like SUSE and Oracle

And there are lot of different opinions of what is best.

CompTIA Linux+ and LPI LPIC certifications do have a overlap and they are question based. You have x hours time with x questions and you have to answer the questions in the available time. The Linux Foundation and Red Hat certifications are performance based. You have a server, have x time and you have to solve one or more problems or setup one or more services.

The last 3 from the list are the ones I’m not going to take. Those require a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience that I simply do not have. The CompTIA and LPI certificates are a bit more for a beginner like me. After days of searching and debating what is the best way, I think I’ve come to a conclusion about what path to take:

Path to take from here

  1. Earn the LPI Linux Essentials certification – Exam code LPI 010-150
  2. Earn the CompTIA Linux+ certification – Exam codes LX0-103 and LX0-104
  3. The CompTIA Linux+ certifications earns me the LPIC-01 from LPI after following these instructions (at the bottom)
  4. Therefore the next step would be to earn the LPIC-02 certifications – Exam codes 201-450 and 202-450

Which training sites could help….?

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